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Great dance music

Stumbled on this accidentally and it may be my new favorite. Has a strong early 2000s feel to the remixes.


Great mix, really livens up a stuffy office :-) (I'm too old to go clubbing, but still love the music!) It's great for working out, too.

Non-Stop Hour Mix!

100% pure music, non-stop mixes! Hate DJ's talk so much on their podcast and take away what is "music podcast" all about it. This is all club dance music podcast, if you want Electro Music! You got it! Love you DJTT.

So gooooooood!!!!

Thank you for making my day.....


Great tunes!

Excellent mixes!

Thank you!


Love the choice of artists/songs in this debut podcast! Keep it coming. Looking forward to the next installment of audio bliss. Update: #7 <~~~~ is so amazing!!!!!!


Nice mix and not the same ole style

Toshi Tyler

There is no boundary to this guy toshi tyler off the chain !!!!!!!!!!! Nothing more to say but this is coming from a old club kid. Good music is hard to find.

Well done!

dj toshi tyler #003 one hour set making me sweat when pumping iron@the gym! applause.....can't wait for your next, next, next......

Great work

Love it! keep it up

Love it 100

The best place to find the hottest dance music. It makes me sweat. It is very updated, not the cliche dance music you hear from other places. Thanks Toshi!

Tow tumb up

OMG. I just want to dance all night -:)

Amazing pop/dance!

Great job Toshi! Can't wait for the next one!

Hot Mixes DJTT

Crazy premier episode! Love the pop dance remixes mixing with other electronic dance music. i love Dj Toshi Tyler's dance club podcast.

Luv the Album!!!!

Luv your music!! Brings positive energy & uplifting beats! Makes me want to move my body~ Thank you for doing such a wonderful job! Looking forward to episode 2 :)

Give it to me DJ!

DJ Toshi Tyler might be new to the scene, but it's clear the music, the rhythm and the beats live in his heart and mind. When you really like something, it leaves you wanting more; and that's exactly what this music set did. I want MORE DJ TOSHI TYLER! DJ Toshi Tyler also introduced new songs I hadn't heard yet and now can't wait to hear them on the dance floor. This podcast is great for listening to in the car, at the gym or even better at your next party. Better yet, it's on my iPhone so I can get my fix anytime I want. Join the revolution, follow/subscribe to DJ Toshi Tyler. Give it to me DJ! - Can't wait for 002.


Love love love love it. :D

Don't stop the beat

Great podcast, hand raising and feel good mixes. Thanks for bringing me the dance club in my car, at the gym and my house haha


Loving it, can't stop listening to it & can't wait until the next episode comes out! Great job Mister Dj TOSHI TYLER