Dance Club Podcast

Host: DJ Toshi Tyler 

DJ Toshi Tyler's love for dance music was sparked at a young age when he traveled to Chile with his parents. While there, he heard next doors house party blasting popular dance music, and the infectious beat captivated him. This fascination with dance music stayed with him throughout his formative years and, by the time he turned 18 and started going clubbing with his friends, he had found his calling. Frustrated with the dance mixes that were out there, he felt he could create something better. This inspired him to start learning how to DJ, and he began mixing music for his own workouts at the gym.

With a passion for dance music and a drive to create something unique, DJ Toshi Tyler honed his skills and perfected his craft. As he continued to experiment with different sounds and techniques, he decided to start his own podcast featuring his signature high-energy dance mixes. The podcast quickly gained popularity and captivated listeners with its electrifying beats and innovative soundscapes. DJ Toshi Tyler's podcast soon rose through the ranks to become a top 1% podcast worldwide.

Buoyed by his success, DJ Toshi Tyler began producing his own music and is now preparing for the release of his new tracks. Pouring his love for dance music and dedication to his craft into his tracks, he works tirelessly to perfect his sound and experiment with new genres and techniques. Listeners can look forward to more electrifying mixes and original tracks that are sure to get their hearts racing and feet moving. DJ Toshi Tyler is a talented and innovative artist who continues to push the boundaries of dance music, and his future in the world of EDM is sure to be bright.