May 22, 2014

DJ Toshi Tyler - DCP #099 Non-Stop House Music Clubbers Mix - Dance Club Podcast

Robbie Rivera, Caroline D' Amore, Ro.Ma. , Hoxton Whores, Lane 8, Tiga, Mappa & Mavee, Lara Caprotti, Audion, Jose Nunez, Shawnee Taylor, DJ Kone, Marc, Sandy Duperval, DJ Scotty Boy, Sue Cho, Gary Beck , Dario Nunez, Victor Perez, Vicente Ferrer,

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We Love House Music! Awesome new remake tunes from Dj Kone (What’s Up), Mappa & Mavee (Hideway). Mappa & Mavee (A Little Party Never Killed Nobody), DJ Scotty Boy (Shiny Disco Balls), and banging booty one of my all time favrotie tune (Put 'Em High). Plus many top new tracks from beatport chart. Also, make sure check back in 2 weeks for my 100th DCP episode. Got lots of special sounds, my origianal tune preview plus many special guests. Have a great long weekend guys.

1. What’s Up - DJ Kone, Marc, Sandy Duperval

2. Hideway - Mappa & Mavee, Lara Caprotti

3. Who The Hell Cares (The Cube Guys Mix) - Alaia, Gallo

4. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (Tradelove Remix) - Ro.Ma. 

5. Fever (Maetrik Remix) - Tiga vs Audion

6. Every Night - Lane 8

7. Fool (I Feel Bad For You) (Bottai Remix) - Medina

8. Shiny Disco Balls - DJ Scotty Boy, Sue Cho

9. Manipulate Me - Robbie Rivera, Caroline D' Amore

10. Paloma Blanca - Dario Nunez, John Guerro

11. Toca Toca (DJ Favorite & Mr. Romano Remix) - Fly Project

12. Say What (Adam Beyer Remix) - Gary Beck 

13. Sunrise (Hoxton Whores 2014 Remix) - Hoxton Whores

14. It's Alright (House Of Virus Remix) - Paris Brightledge

15. Cube - Sasha Carassi, Jay Lumen 

16. Put 'Em High - Stonebridge vs. Klaas, Ruslan Nigmatullin vs Dj Alex Good

17. Push The Feeling 2014 (2014 Ibiza Remix) - Dario Nunez, Victor Perez, Vicente Ferrer

18. Yesterday - Jose Nunez, Shawnee Taylor


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