March 7, 2013

DJ Toshi Tyler - #045 Dance Club Podcast - Come 2 My Funk Tek House Party Mix

My Digital Enemy, Simone Torosani, Trent Cantrelle, Who Da Funk, Jessica Eve, Groove Phenomenon, Porter Robinson, Mat Zo, Iban Reus, David Lara, Eurythmics, David Lara, Bastian Van Shield, Rae, Gomi & Sahara Davenport, Men At Work, DJ Suri, Markus

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Welcome to "Come 2 My House Funk TeK Party Mix". Thank you for tuning in this week. Go several edit of new and old tracks & mashup throughout the hour. Start off with my mashup of 2 favorite tunes "Shiny Disco Balls" and "Everybody Be Somebody". And a great new remix of Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams". And my new favorite track "I House You" from Simone Torosani and many others. I know alot of you listen to my podcast at the gym or in your car and hope you'll enjoy this live mix. Let's go now, start the drums roll and turn your volume up.... I'll appreciate to take 1 minute of your time to give me a great rate/review on iTunes. Thanks ya'll and have a awesome weekend guys.

1. Shiny Disco Balls - Who Da Funk Feat. Jessica Eve Vs Everybody Be Somebody - Groove Phenomenon (DJ Toshi TYler Mashup)

2. Crazy Circus (Original Mix) - Iban Reus

3. My Lovin (David Puentez & Claudio Lari Remix) - David Lara

4. Sweet Dreams (Lexvaz & JJ Mullor 2013 Re-work) - Eurythmics

5. I House You (Lanfree Remix) - Simone Torosani Vs. Wearing All Star - Tradelove (DJ Toshi Tyler Kickit Edit)

6. I Want a Freak (Tony Junior Remix) - Trent Cantrelle

7. Por La Noche - David Lara Vs King Of My Castle - Bastian Van Shield (DJ Toshi TYler Flashback Edit)  

8. New Sensation (Original Mix) - My Digital Enemy

9. Another Day (James Talk & Ridney Remix) - Rae

10. Go Off (Manny Lehman Big Room Anthem) - Gomi & Sahara Davenport Vs Down Under - Men At Work (DJ Toshi TYler Twisted Edit)

11.Looking For Love 2013 (Paulo Agulhari & Tommy Love Remix) - DJ Suri, Markus dB & Ivan Gomez feat. Soraya Naoyin

12. Easy (Lemaitre Remix) - Porter Robinson & Mat Zo