Feb. 21, 2013

DJ Toshi Tyler - #043 Dance Club Podcast - Happy Hour Sobe Miami

Madonna, Michael Jackson, Offer Nissim & Mr. Black Pres. TYP, Yoko Ono, Chris Brown feat. Rihanna, Enrique Iglesias feat. Sammy Adams, Jakwob , Spankox & Highpass & Ago, Rune RK feat. Kelly Rowland, Wayne G. feat. Melissa Totten, Nick Corline, J.N

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This non-stop hour live mix you'll hear past new mixes and new tracks from Madonna, Michael Jackson, Yoko Ono, Offer Nissim, Scissor Sisters, Chris Brown & Rihanna, Nicle Scherzinger, Kelly Rowland, Enrique Iglesias and many others. Go grab another drink and let's dance! If you like this episode remember to rate/review me on iTunes! Have a awesome weekend guys.

1. Cool Vogue (Club Mix) - Paffendorf vs. Madonna

2. D.I.S.C.O. (Original Mix) - Offer Nissim & Mr. Black Pres. TYP

3. Michael Jackson Is Not Dead (Ago & Highpass Mix) - Spankox & Highpass & Ago

4. Turn Up The Music (Miami Life Remix) - Chris Brown feat. Rihanna

5. Boomerang (Cahill Club Mix) - Nicole Scherzinger

6. Free Fall (Original Mix) - Rune RK feat. Kelly Rowland

7. Shady Love (Seamus Haji Remix) - Scissor Sisters vs. Krystal Pepsy

8. She Gets Down On Her Knees (Ralphi Rosario Dub) - Yoko Ono 

9. Kiss Me (Menini & Viani Supermercado Mix) - Nick Corline

10. Electrify (Seamus Haji Club Mix) - Jakwob 

11. Good Life (Juan Pacifico Long Mix) - J.N.O.

12. Frozen (JRMX Club Mix) - Wayne G. feat. Melissa Totten

13. Finally Found You (R3hab Dirty Remix) - Enrique Iglesias feat. Sammy Adams