Dec. 27, 2012

DJ Toshi Tyler - #035 Dance Club Podcast - Electro House Monster Beats

Nicky Romero & NERVO, David Guetta feat. Taped Rai, Therese, Planet Perfecto, Taxigirl feat. JES, Icona Pop, Sick Individuals & DBN, John Dahlback & Greg Cerrone feat. Janice Robinson,Roger Sanchez, Prok & Fitch, Audio Bastardz vs Jack Holiday & Mike Cand

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Thank you guys for giving me a chance and subscribed my podcast so I can present you all my favorite dance remixes. I give all my passion to this dance music podcast and hope ya'll enjoy them as well. Thank you for this "Amazing" year and there'll be more to come in 2013. Got ton's of new remixes and mashup and my dirty beatz the next hour, enjoy. Happy New Year!!!! Now go party your asses off!

1. Blew It (Ken Loi Remix) - Andrew Parsons & Shwann feat. Veela

2. Every Breath (Lucky Date Remix) - John Dahlback & Greg Cerrone feat. Janice Robinson

3. Bullet In The Gun (Eddie Halliwell Remix) - Planet Perfecto 

4. High Glow (JES Vocal Edit) - Taxigirl feat. JES

5. Take You There (Original Mix) - Roger Sanchez, Prok & Fitch

6. I Love Your Face (Sol Noir Remix) - Moonbeam feat. Fisher

7. Like Home (Gregor Salto Remix) - Nicky Romero & NERVO

8. Crystals (Original Mix) - Dank feat. jACQ 

9. Bionic Children (Jacob Van Hage Mashup) - Audio Bastardz vs Jack Holiday & Mike Candys

10. Just One Last Time (Tiesto Remix) - David Guetta feat. Taped Rai

11. Drop It Like It's Hot (Alesso Remix) - Therese

12. I Love Avalon (Disfunktion Mashup) - Icona Pop, Sick Individuals & DBN