Sept. 12, 2012

DJ Toshi Tyler - #020 Dance Club Podcast - Electro Monster Beats

David Guetta feat. Sia, Wynter Gordon, Medina, Offer Nissim feat. Maya, Spencer & Hill & Nadia Ali, Benny Benassi feat. Louis, Danielle & Sagtstad, Chris Brown, Eric Prydz vs Madonna, Annie Lennox, Robbie Rivera, Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders, RLP &

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Hello my party people! First 3 songs are my favorite mashup and remix from Sultan & Ned Shepard- Beautiful People at 5 AM from Benny Benassi, Chris Brown; Music - Madonna vs. Eric Pryddz & "Little Bird" - Annie Lennox. 

And a new track from - Robbie Rivera featuring Wynter Gordon - "In the Morning" remix by Bassanova & Moradzo. 

With this week new favorite track from David Guetta featuring Sia - "She Wolf-Falling to Pieces", I'll take you to deeper to House, Techno, Trance in the next 30 minutes of the show. As always, I'll layer each dirty sexy beat and track it to the next.

Enjoy "Sanctuary" version by Paul Thomas & Myke Smith, "R.E.S.P.E.C.T." remix by Antoine Clamaran and a new awesome new track from Stonebridge, "MDF". 

Next is heart thumping techno trance house mash from John O'Callaghan Mashup - "Whatever Happened to Puzzle Piece" and the vocal will sure give you goose bumps.  And Medina's "You 

And I" revamped from Dash Berlin. Next is sexy vocal by Maya produced by Offer Nissim "For Your Love". Then I'll take you out Nadia Ali's "Believe It". 

Remember to rate and review if you like this week episode. Enjoy the last few weeks of Summer 2012! I'll see you on the dance floor.


1. Beautiful People at 5 AM (Sultan & Ned Shepard Bootleg) - Benny Benassi feat. Louis, Danielle & Sagtstad, Chris Brown


2. Music 2Night (Lovetone & Turismo Bootleg) - Eric Prydz vs Madonna


3. Little Bird (Disfunktion Remix) - Annie Lennox


4. In the Morning (Bassanova & Moradzo Remix) - Robbie Rivera feat. Wynter Gordon


5. She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) (Michael Calfan Remix) - David Guetta feat. Sia


6. Sanctuary (Paul Thomas & Myke Smith Remix) - Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders


7. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (Antoine Clamaran Remix) - RLP & Barbara Tucker


8. MDF (Incognet Remix) - Stonebridge, Chris Kaeser, Funky Junction


9. Whatever Happened to Puzzle Piece (John O'Callaghan Mashup) - Space Rockerz, Mark Leanings


10. You And I (Dash Berlin Vocal Mix) - Medina


11. For Your Love (Sied Van Riel Remix) - Offer Nissim feat. Maya


12. Believe It (Cazzette's Androids Sound Hot Remix) - Spencer & Hill & Nadia Ali