Aug. 9, 2012

DJ Toshi Tyler - #016 Dance Club Podcast

Krewella, Robyn, Scissor Sisters, Markus Schulz feat. Adina Butar, Katy Perry, Tradelove, Renc De La Monc & Slin Project, Cascada, Stefano, David Morales & Polina, Hayla , Katy Perry, DJ Skribble, Anthony Acid & Chris Reeder, Hyper Crush

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Startoff electro pop duo based out of Chicago - Krewella's based out of Chicago new fresh trippin' track"Alive" followed by catchy house tune "Wearing All Star" by Tradelove. 

You'll enjoy the next 3 current pop electro dance tunes; "2012 (Get Your Hands Up)" and "Summer Of Love" (Michael Mind Project Remix) by 3 musicians group from Germany - Cascada. "I'm on a Roll" is Stefano's first single features hip hop group New Boyz and Rock Mafia.

Grammy-winning house music DJ and producer David Morales release this new track features Polina sexy purry vocal on "Stay" - Mark Alston Extended Remix. Hayla's "I'm Free" tune was released earlier this year, but you'll love its head buzz spinnin' bassline. Katy Perry "Wide Awake" is everyone's favorite remixed by Jump Smokers and she is the only artist to spend over 52 consecutive weeks in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100. 

Next two new tracks is my top picks of the week; remember Lady Gaga - Just Dance remixed by Tony Arzadon, he did it again with DJ Skribble's new track "Cut the Lights". Reside in Miami is German trance DJ/producer Markus Schulz featuring beautiful dark angelic vocal Adina Butar with new track "Caught". 

Followed last year's electro dance favorites, Laidback Luke Club Mix "Indestructible" by Swedish recording artist Robyn and Tony Pryde remix "Keep Up" - Electro-hip hop group from Los Angeles, California Hyper Crush. 

Finished one funny catchy new tune "Let's Have A Kiki" original mix from an American band Scissor Sisters (band name come from a sexual position between two women also known as tribadism) - What is a “kiki”? means “to get overly excited catching up with your girlfriends” from Urban Dictionar and other say it’s a nickname for cocaine. Have a fun week!


1. Alive - Krewella 


2. Wearing All Star (Original Mix) - Tradelove


3. 2012 (Get Your Hands Up) (Christopher S Remix) - Renc De La Monc & Slin Project


4. Summer Of Love (Michael Mind Project Remix) - Cascada


5. I'm on A Roll (Static Revenger Remix) - Stefano


6. Stay (Mark Alston Extended Remix) - David Morales & Polina


7. I'm Free (Dave Matthias Club Remix) - Hayla 


8. Wide Awake (Jump Smokers Extended Mix) - Katy Perry 


9. Cut the Lights (Tony Arzadon Remix) - DJ Skribble, Anthony Acid & Chris Reeder


10. Caught (Club Mix) - Markus Schulz feat. Adina Butar 


11. Indestructible (Laidback Luke Club Mix) - Robyn


12. Keep Up (Tony Pryde remix) - Hyper Crush 


13. Let's Have A Kiki - Scissor Sisters