May 16, 2012

DJ Toshi Tyler - #001 Dance Club Podcast

Dave Audé, Tommy Trash, Nicole Scherzinger, Sophi Ellis Bextor, Madonna, Signum feat. Julie Thompson, Technotronic, Chris Brown feat. Rihanna, Chris Tall & Rita Campbell, Afrojack & Steve Aoki feat. Miss Palmer, Vazik

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DJ Toshi Tyler features the top tracks and past favorite tunes every week in Electronic Dance Music. Subscribe DJ Toshi Tyler Dance Club Podcast and is powered on iTunes. Let's party!
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DJ Toshi Tyler - #001 Dance Club Podcast

1. Never Forget (Loud Manners Remix) - Dave Audé

2. Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll (Original Mix) - Tommy Trash

3. Girl Gone Wild (Offer Nissim Club Mix) - Madonna

4. No Beef (Manufactured Superstars, Jquintel and Jeziel Quintela Remix) - Afrojack & Steve Aoki feat. Miss Palmer

5. Caught Up (In a One Night Love Affair) [Soul Avengerz Club Soda Mix) - Chris Tall & Rita Campbell

6. Don't Hold Your Breath (Olav Basoki Remix) - Nicole Scherzinger'

7. Turn Up The Music (Toulouse Bootleg, Party Starter Remix) - Chris Brown feat. Rihanna

8. Dikin Fun (Original Mix) - Vazik

9. Never Be The Same (Myon and Shane 54 Monster Mix) - Signum feat. Julie Thompson

10. Pump Up The Jam (Da Fresh Goes To Miami Bootleg) - Technotronic

11. Starlight (Carl Hanaghan Remix) - Sophi Ellis Bextor